Personal Transformational Workshops

Journey Through the Incan Medicine Wheel

Now is a critical time in our human evolution that the ancient Laika medicine men and women called evolving from homo sapiens to homo luminous beings. As our earth is currently shifting we are on a threshold of living in a more positive environment following our own intuitive guidance.

Join me in a series of four classes to understand the science of our soul’s evolution and how we can learn through the wisdom teachings of the Medicine Wheel to step into our personal empowerment as we become centered, strong luminous beings.

We will travel around the medicine wheel discovering the map of our personal and planetary soul. No longer needing to weave the future with the old DNA threads of the past; becoming the creative visionary that will bring fourth the person that will be strength for themselves and their loved ones.

During these classes you will receive the nine ancient rites of initiation know as the Munay-Ki. The nine rites are common to all shamanic traditions, assisting one in becoming a person of wisdom and power who has accepted stewardship of all creation. These rites align ones soul with the wisdom that will allow us to lead a more spirit guided life.

We will blend these teaching and rites with today’s science of quantum physics, new thought metaphysics and the information shared by the most trusted channels in our country.

Through the combination of these various teachings you will learn:

  • Exercises to uncover our shadows that keep us from our higher good.
  • Energy medicine of the Americas.
  • An understanding of the changes that are happening to our planet and universe.
  • How to prepare our physical bodies for these changes.
  • How to create your own personal mesa/medicine bundle with stones that will represent your transformation. This mesa will become a part of you signifying the strength and connection to the linage of the medicine men and women.

Together we can experience this shift in evolution from the highest consciousness possible.

To register for a class please download and complete the Workshop Registration Form and either email it to or mail it to:

Naomi McDonald,
9115 N. 102nd East Ave.
Owasso, OK 74055

Returning to the True Self:
The Art of Compassionate Depossession

Possession or overshadowing is more common than western culture acknowledges. Typically, someone can be overshadowed by a departed loved one, an ancestor, or a soul that has gotten lost on the way to the light. The art of compassionate depossession not only benefits the health of both beings involved it is also a gentle, loving, and kind process to send the attached energy back to Spirit.

The most common signs of being overshadowed are:

  • Feeling tired and drained of energy
  • Unable to kick addictions
  • Feeling unlike yourself
  • Experiencing overwhelming emotion with no apparent reason

During this training you will learn to:

  • Strengthen your personal connection to our empowering spirits and allies.
  • Receive tools to remain objective, compassionate, and safe.
  • Develop methods to receive clear information
  • Learn the cosmology of the dying process
  • Perform the art of compassionate depossesion

This is usually a two day workshop. For more information email

Gifts of the Sacred

Looking into the Great Mystery of who we are is one of the most profound gifts we can give ourselves. Understanding our strengths and shadows allows us to learn our life lessons with grace and ease rather struggle and disappointment.

Becoming aware of one’s unconscious ego or personality not only helps to sculpt our own lives but understand others around us.

In this one day class we will:

  • Go to the earliest sources to study the basic patterns of human behavior and personality.
  • Study Carl Jung’s concept of archetypes being a mold or model of a person’s personality.
  • Identify our own personal patterns based on mythical characters.
  • Work with and understand the feminine and masculine psyche.
  • Create a ceremony to honor each individual’s change and growth.

Workshop includes a light lunch. For more information email

Home, Property and Space Clearing

There are times when energies in our homes, on our properties and/or even in our cars can affect our wellbeing. Some of these energies are imprints of strong emotions, some are tied into the electromagnetic forces or ley lines underground; and of course, some are disincarnate spirits tied to the earth. Space clearing is not only beneficial to us personally but also for our animals and the earth.

This class is designed for one’s personal use and for energy/shamanic practitioners to enhance their practices.

In this class participants will learn:

  • Helpful tools, such as a pendulum, sage, carnations, and oranges, and techniques to clear unwholesome emotions and energies.
  • How to detect and identify the differences between energetic imprints and disincarnate spirits.
  • How energetic imprints and spirits affect our daily lives.
  • How to protect your home, property and space from further energetic attacks.

Class begins at 10:00 am. We will go out for lunch and the afternoon will be a field trip.

Location: Owasso, OK

Class cost $30.00, contact to enroll.

Click on Workshop and Training Schedule for dates and location.

The Law of Conscious Creation:
Becoming Healthy, Happy Whole and Complete

Learn to awaken the powerful magnificent being that you truly are! In these 3 one day workshops you will discover all aspects of yourself including the beliefs that hold you back or make you ill. You will learn to connect to your true self by expanding your awareness and becoming a conscious co-creator of your soul’s destiny. There is nothing more rewarding than discovering how to evolve into a being that is happy, healthy, whole and complete.

Classes will be held in Owasso, OK, Oklahoma City and throughout the U.S. The first class is a prerequisite to attend either of the other two; however class two and three do not have to be taken in order.

Class One:
We create our reality, and there is no other rule. Quantum science is now providing proven theories of how our world works. Learn how hidden beliefs create unconscious programming that hold us back or cause us to become ill.

Class Two:
Through experiential exercises and guided imagery get to know your complete eternal self, your past lives and the purpose for this lifetime.

Class Three:
Learn the growth lessons that we have scripted for ourselves within our soul groups. We invite our challenges and master them instead of hiding from them.
Understand the bio chemical activations of the brain can increase the intensity and clarity of our thoughts and feelings and bring about changes.

Click on the link for the dates and locations of The Law of Conscious Creation Schedule

Learning Energetic Healing

A basic understanding of energy work or experience in doing meditations/journey work are recommended for this one day class.

  • Learn to travel through a person or animal’s energetic field to detect imbalances that can cause disease and behavior issues.
  • Inter-dimensional journeying to find your personal true self that loves yourself in the natural confident, joyful way that animals demonstrate.
  • Use tools to bring a person or animal’s energetic field into balance and to send that healing long distance.
  • Exercises to uncover personal shadows that may limit or shade our understanding and communication.

Click on Workshop and Training Schedule for dates and location.

Discovering Yourself Through Past Live Work

For us convinced physicists, the distinction between past, present
future is an illusion, although a persistent one.

–Albert Einstein

Getting a glimpse of who we were in our past lives gives us a more in-depth understanding of who we are today.

Some of the benefits of this one day class are:

  • Knowing why certain places, situations, or people keep re-occurring in our lives and causing havoc.
  • Why we have habitual behaviors or anxieties that keep us from accomplishing our goals.
  • Why we continue to have re-occurring illness or injury in the same place in our bodies.

Not only do we visit our previous lifetimes for information but we can reconstruct the outcome which can result in a deeper more lasting healing.

Western medicine cures the body of symptoms, while psychology treats the mind—but healing attends to the soul and spirit. By visiting and reconstructing traumatic events of our past lives we heal the part of us that is eternal. True healing creates a healthier lifestyle by eliminating the cause of and disease.

Soul Retrieval

Bring back that healed life force that has been splintered away by stress or trauma; restoring the fuel that propels us forward into peace and joy.

Click on the link for the dates and locations of Discovering Yourself Through Past Live Work

To register for a class please download and complete the Workshop Registration Form and either email it to or mail it to:

Naomi McDonald,
9115 N. 102nd East Ave.
Owasso, OK 74055

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