Animal / Nature Communication Trainings

Introduction to Animal Communication


Since the Dawn of time humans have looked to animals for wisdom, protection, strength, and power. The purpose of this class is to introduce and develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of everything in life.  Each of us has an innate telepathic and intuitive ability to tap into the powers of nature and Spirit for guidance. We just have to learn how to reawaken this inherent skill.

We will work with animals in person and from pictures.  We will also learn to communicate with wild animals and other species.

This two day training weaves together the metaphysics and quantum physics of telepathic communication to understand how it works together with the traditions of the Earthkeepers and Shamanic listening and healing practices. We will learn to commune with and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our animal friends on all levels – spiritual, emotional and physical.

  • Through time tested and proven exercises you will reawaken your ability to communicate with another species and learn to understand your unique ability to receive information.
  • Study the metaphysics and quantum physics of why it works.
  • Meet your own personal spirit guide to aid in communicating.
  • Learn how to experience an animal’s perspective and how you have already communicated telepathically with animals.
  • How to approach all communication with an open heart and mind.
  • Communicate with animals in person and long distance. Please bring photographs of your pets to this class.

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Working with Nature’s Subtle Energies

Ancient tradition teaches that the Earth is a living body. This living body is host to delightful, charming, and joyous, beings such as Devas (Nature’s Deities) and Nature Spirits that live on the etheric plane.

During this two-day class we will learn to:

  • Identify when Devas and Nature Spirits are near.
  • Understand how we are all interconnected.
  • Not only work in harmony with the forces which form our world, but discover how to assist in the forming.
  • Understand how life is a seamless whole. Rocks, trees, rivers, and clouds are wondrous and alive. Our world is truly enchanted and infused with spirit.

Discover and learn to work in harmony with these energies to form a relationship of understanding which allows us to be more of a co-creator in our world. The Devas, Undines, Salamanders, Sylphs and Dryads are just waiting for us to acknowledge and work with them.

Begin your journey into this fascinating world

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Introduction to Our Animal Totems and Guides


We have shared this Earth with animals from the beginning of our existence. Our wise ancient ancestors learned much from them; hunting, gathering, shelter seeking. The shamanic traditions observed the different archetypical behaviors of animals and used this to teach their human children character building and life lessons. Now, quantum physics is showing us through the unified field that there is a place in consciousness where we are all connected on a soul level. Each and every one of us is a part of the other including the animal kingdom.

Join me in this four hour class as we discover and connect with the essential nature of our animal totems, guides, and protectors. We will discuss the difference between an animal totem that you connected with when entering this lifetime and animal guides and protectors. Discover what it feels like to call on wolf when we need strength, llama when we need to center, fox when we need cunning. We will learn to bring forth the animal or animals that are part of our true nature in an intimate and complete way. Cost $20.00

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