Words that Work Podcast with Naomi B McDonald

The Words That Work concept is a result of a lifelong journey to become the person I want to be. My path began by reading—anything that pertained to self-growth and prosperity…so many people with words of guidance. Many of these I loved and wanted to incorporate in my life. I studied the laws: Attraction, Assumption, Divine, Observation. The love of animals led me gloriously into the unexpected direction of animal communication and shamanism. Slowly, I recognized the higher aspect of myself and the animals. I recognized the true self light within all of us. I developed ways of setting intention and finding my personal truth. Finally, I recognized the words that felt true to my soul and the ones that do not. My passion is to help you find the words that sing to your soul.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts and find them inspiring.


Episode 899: How Intension Saved Gatsby – Click Here to listen »

Episode 906: Creating Our Own Stores – Click Here to listen »

Episode 911: Lacey’s Purpose – Click Here to listen »

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