I recently taught the fourth class in my animal communication program. Although I enjoy teaching all of the classes this one is very special to me as we study wild animals, and the plant and nature spirit kingdoms. Communicating with a wild animal is different and more challenging than someone’s pet. For instance they may not have a name or be comfortable with a mind to mind and spirit to spirit connection. Often we need to ask an animal’s diva or body elemental for help with communicating.

For my students to practice this type of communication we visit the rescued wild animals at either the GW Animal Park or the Safari Wild Animal Reserve that are in my area. The dedicated employees and volunteers at these rescue facilities look forward to our visits and often ask us to help them resolve any issues that they need help with. This last trip was to the Safari Wild Animal Reserve and a few of the volunteers had made arrangements to meet us there with questions and concerns about some of the animals.

When arrived and walked into their main room we all stood in awe with huge smiles as there in front of us was one of the volunteers, Carol sitting in a large upholstered chair with a six month old kangaroo, named Erwin snuggled up under her arm. Erwin was dressed in a pair of coveralls with a blue and white striped shirt. The clothing was tailored to fit him perfectly down to the hole in the back to accommodate his large tail and the tiny cuffs for his wrists. We discovered that Erwin had fractured his neck when he ran head long into a fence, and was left with some brain damage. Through Carol’s constant care and dedication, Erwin’s fracture had healed nicely and he could now hop a step or two on his own. Carol went on to confide that prior to helping at the park she suffered from severe depression and had attempted suicide. But everything changed once Erwin came into her life and it was not by chance that his accident happened one week after she started volunteering. Her comment was, “We have saved each other.”

We can make agreements while still in spirit to enter into each others lives on the earth plane and to share experiences. Certainly, this is true for Erwin and Carol who are taking care of each other. When we connected to Erwin his comment was, “I am in my perfect place” and that he is contented and happy with his life just as it is. Carol is now doing ar projects and becoming part of a community, living life from a much happier place. How beautiful to be saved by a kangaroo.

Mike another volunteer had some concerns regarding two female wolves he cared for. Even though he was their caretaker for over a year he could still not approach or touch the wolves and felt that they didn’t like him.  These wolves could not survive in the wild as they had been raised by humans who relinquished them to the park. Now they lived in as natural habitat as possible with large oak trees, huge boulders, and warm safe houses.

He mentioned that he knew the wolves liked wild game such as buffalo or venison better than ground hamburger by the way they ate their food. He also shared that he would sit in a chair in their pens so the wolves could be used to him just being there. One morning when Mike arrived he noticed three holes dug into the ground near the front fence under a large oak tree. Two of the holes were the shape and size of the wolves and the third was the same as Mike’s chair. They had dug a cool place to lay for themselves and Mike. Absolutely, they were letting him know he had been accepted.  We wached and listened to Mike as he worked around the wolves. His voice was soft and melodic, his movements fluid and even. I felt a heart connection to the wolves and knew that they understood Mike would not harm them. They also felt completely comfortable with him in their habitat even though they were pacing back and forth and staying out of arms reach. 

When I asked about their actions the communicated that through centuries of being in the wild and caring for their young this type of behavior was normal and natural for them. Being leery was a part of their nature and not a reflection of how they felt about Mike. The minute I explained this to Mike he was very relieved and felt a deeper appreciation of the wolves.

These two stories made me think of how we can chose to view the events that happen to ourselves and those in the world, which are often made through the filters of our own inner suffering. We could look at Erwin’s accident as tragic and wrap a lot of sadness around it. We could judge the people that originally raised the wolves and abandoned them to the park. Or we could choose to see that all events have a reason and from the words of Erwin are in their perfect place. During this holiday season finding gratitude in the smallest of things, like a hole dug out of caring by a wolf or the giving of one’s self to a wounded human can change our entire outlook of our world. Sensing the profound connection and miracles in life, can there be a greater gift?

Love to all,

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