As a certified Shamanic practitioner, professional animal communicator, and author I am dedicated and committed to promoting balance, compassion, integrity, and love among all beings.  I take great joy in helping humans and their pets connect and understand each other on a deeper level. The more connected we are with the natural world the more we all can live in harmony and peace.

I strive to live each day in right relationship with all beings and to help my clients also live this way. With this in mind, my book Away to Me My Love chronicles a plethora of life enriching principals that I learned through my incredible dog Luke. My wish is that our journey together will show that even the most ordinary of women can embark on the most extraordinary experience of self-discovery and growth.

I invite you to email me at NaomiBMcDonald@gmail.com or call 918/625-7901 to discuss any issues you and/or your companion animals are experiencing or your interest in learning animal communication.

Love & blessings to all,

Naomi B McDonald

True Self Meditation helps you reawaken the truth of who you are within.

Download the True Self Meditation PDF HERE to strengthen and enrich this meditation experience .

Read excerpts from Away to Me My Love

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