There is a place where you are not awake or asleep, a place that is not night or day, light or dark, some call it tween. The clinical term is hypnagogia or thresholdconsciousness (commonly called “half-asleep” or “half-awake”,or “Mind Awake Body Asleep”), which describes the mental state ofsomeone who is moving towards sleep or wakefulness but has not yet completedthe transition.  I like the word tween asto me it is the place where two things overlap and become for a moment, neitherone nor the other. Often client’s animals that are deceased will come into mythoughts when I am in that place of tween and ask me to convey information totheir person.  At first I doubted thereality or truth of what I was receiving.  Now, after many times having key informationverified by the client I know the place of tween to be very real.

In the fourth class of my animal communication program I teach my students to communicate with nature spirits, elementals & faeries.  I am always looking for new information on this topic, and read Faery Tale, One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World, by Signe Pike. In thebook Signe mentions learning about tween, a place where the vale between dimensionsare thinner; where it is easier to see the spirits of nature, when our leftbrain is not so active. Faeries love anything ‘tween. When I read this, I thought,“I know that place” so I set my intention for a tween visit that night.  What actually happened was more than I couldhave ever imagined; something so powerful and real that I will always begrateful.

My experience that night of tween was not with the faerykingdom as I thought it would be but with my dog, Luke who had transitionedover two years ago.  Luke was a Border Collie,with a soft long black and white coat, and huge brown eyes that had whitearound them like a human. Looking into his face was like looking at wisdom,love, and power. Luke and I spent eleven memorable years together.  The first years were training and attending sheepherding competitions.  We were together24-7 and traveled all over the central United States competing.  After he could no longer physically compete Isold his sheep and he became my constant companion and dance partner. When Iclean house I like to play rock and roll music and boogey around. Luke would gofrom room to room with me and be my dance partner.  On occasion I would ask my husband Mac todance in the house. When this happened Luke would go up behind him, whine, andpoke his nose into Mac’s bottom until he let Luke dance.  He was saying, “Hey Dad move over this is mypartner.”

When I first found myself in that place of tween I saw a dogin the distance.  At first I couldn’ttell who it was but as I moved closer I realized that it was Luke.  The next thing I knew he is in my arms.  I could smell him. I could feel his fur in myhands, and I could look once again in his amazing eyes.  As I was rubbing my face on his, I was awareof three things.  First I knew I was in thatplace of tween, that it was very real and actually happening, and when I becamefully awake Luke would be gone.

I was conscious enough to feel like I could hold onto him aslong as I wanted, so it seemed like a very long time.  After all of my tactile senses felt completeI said good-by and he was gone.  When Iawoke all I could do was sob in appreciation for the experience while my brainwent into overdrive with questions.

Foremost on my mind was, “Why was I having contacts with animals that had transitioned while in this state?”  Was it because this is where the two worlds can more easily overlap with one another? There are many spiritual teachers who talk about parallel universes.  Is the place of tween one of those parallel universes that is on a higher dimension?  We hear so much about the opportunities of shifting from the third dimension with the planetary ascension of 2012.  As we approach this threshold will the vales between the worlds become thinner?  More and more questions flooded my mind but then I remembered something that I tell my animal communication students.  If you are not receiving information ask a question as animals will respond to a request. This also applies if you want something from the Universe you must ask for it. So I am asking you to share any of your similar experiences and information.  You can do so by emailing me at  If I receive responses I’ll share them in thenext issue.  Of course anyone can have atween experience; the most important thing is to ask and believe.

Naomi McDonald is a professional animal communicator, certified shamanic practitioner, and educator. She is the author of the newly released book, They Sing to Our Hearts: A Communicator Shares Her Stories of Animal Wisdom, which deepens the understanding of our communication & connection with All Beings. In it Naomi poignantly describes many touching experiences she’s had the privilege to share with an eclectic group of animals, including a duck who loves French fries, and a dog who reached out from the spirit world.  To learn more animal communication and energy healing work visit

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