“All of material creation is structured out of information and energy… Before a thought becomes verbal and is experienced as language, it is just an intention, an impulse of energy and information. In other words, at the preverbal level, all of nature speaks the same language.” –Deepak Chopra

Tips for Easing Anxiety and Finding Lost PetsHumans and animals are an integral part of nature. We are constantly sending thoughts and feelings to one another. Our pets instinctively receive our intentions and impulses of energy.  Many of us simply react to our pets with a knowing. We may not recognize that we are responding to the intuitive messages they are sending us.

How does this help with lost pets or anxiety? When we tell our pets, what’s going to happen in the physical—like: “I’m leaving, I’ll be back.” Or before an injection say, “This will be a prick or pinch.” Or before a physical palpation—something like, “I’m going to move your leg or press right here.”

Our pets may respond to the tone of your voice but not understand the words. They always, however, receive your intention. That makes it important to send a calm caring tone and emotion along with the words, instead of oh, no, this is bad. Our animals will often respond more calmly to the good vibes that glide along with our preverbal impulse.

Many of my clients take this step further. During a prolonged absence from their pets they take a moment or two each day and say, “Hi, I love you. I’ll be home soon.” With no constraint as to time or space the animals always receive your love, your blessing, your intention. This combination of heart and mind as a super-sender of love, very often calms separation anxiety.

In the following excerpt from the second edition of They Sing To Our Souls: The Animals Speak. The story of a stolen horse named Scooter shows us how contemplation and intention can reunite us with our loved ones.

Contemplation is the highest form of activity. The very act of reflecting on an idea sets the process of creation into action. – Aristotle


Using Contemplation and Intention to Bring our Animals Home

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a stolen horse could tell us he had ridden in a trailer for four hours and gotten out at 17th Street North? Many hours of heartache could be resolved if our lost Beagle could tell us she was in a culvert under the Riverside bridge, across the street from Quick Trip.

Instead, I receive images of houses, fences, cars, and bodies of water that could be anywhere in an animal’s consciousness. Meaning, it can be hard to differentiate between past and present, near and far. My olfactory sense seems to be the only one with an accurate time stamp.

To show an example of what I receive objectively, I’ll share the following story of Scooter.

“My son’s horse was stolen over a year ago,” Shirley said. “Mark is fourteen and still cries at night. It breaks my heart.” Shirley was silent for a few seconds as if gathering up her nerve. “My chiropractor said his wife heard from a friend in Wichita that her sister lost a cat and you helped her find it.”

Really! I’m often referred through a several-person grapevine. In Shirley’s case, desperation drove her to make the call.

Shirley emailed a photo of a lovely, fit, sorrel gelding with four white socks and a white blaze down his face—Scooter.

I felt Scooter’s presence in seconds.

Naomi: Scooter, can you describe your surroundings?

Scooter: Chain link fence, large tree, red truck. I’m afraid.

Naomi: I felt Scooter tremble. In the image I received he was bone thin. Old shoes on his feet caused his hoofs to be so long he stumbled. I saw a large, bearded man in dirty coveralls.

Naomi: Why are you afraid?

Scooter:  All the horses are crowded together bumping me. My legs and feet hurt. People are shouting all around.

“It sounds like he’s going or has gone through the Bristol sale,” I told Shirley. “I feel his fear.”

“I would know it if he was there,” the woman said. “I’ve taken flyers and photos to the authorities multiple times. Heck, I’ve pasted this town and surrounding towns with flyers. If Scooter steps a foot on the Bristol sale property, someone will call me.”

When I thought of this precious gelding at the sale barn, I trembled, and my throat constricted. His fear had felt so real. I knew many of the horses sold at the sale were packed like sardines into large vans and taken to slaughter. Shirley had done her homework and exhausted all her resources.

“Scooter could be somewhere else or at a sale in another state,” I told the woman. “I wish I could be of more help. There is something you and Mark can do. It might be different than anything you’ve done before, but it’s been known to work.”

“Anything. I don’t care. Anything that might bring my son’s horse home.”

“Scooter is already connected to you and Mark. You can strengthen that connection by imagining your horse in your mind and attaching a golden chord from your hearts to his. Contemplate or reflect his connection back to you. Feel how wonderful it will be when you see him again. Nudge the universe into action and let the synchronistic events fall into place that can bring him home. Then give thanks as if it has already happened.”

A week later, Shirley called. “We did it!” she said. “Mark and I both kept visualizing the chord. We kept hugging him in our minds. My son kept holding his glove, so he could smell Scooter. We kept thanking God for bringing him home.”

“And?” I could feel her excitement through the phone line.

“I heard it, or I felt it, or I something’d it.” Shirley took in a breath. “I don’t know, but suddenly I knew to take Scooter’s photo back to the Bristol sale.”

“Mark approached one of the barn cleaners as he was getting in a red truck. The young man remembered a sorrel horse with four tall white socks going through several months before. He told Mark, ‘The horse was skinny and filthy, but those tall socks and that white blaze were unmistakable.’

“A lady bought Scooter nine months ago,” Shirley exclaimed. “The sale barn had lost my first notice. He had already gone through when I took the second and third.”

“Is Scooter home now?” I asked.

“Yes! When we drove up to the lady’s property with the police, Scooter was standing in a chain link yard with a giant oak tree. He’s fat and healthy and shiny. You mixed it all up.”

“I did,” I said. “I mixed it all up. It’s as if I had connected to a database and pulled out the most intense images and feelings without the timeline.”

“I feel sorry for the lady,” Shirley added. “She bought Scooter in good faith, but we have his registration papers. There is no denying he is Mark’s horse. The sale officials are apologetic, of course, and they will refund her money. But she loves Scooter. Mark has offered to have her come over and ride.”

I was thrilled for the family and happy for Scooter to be safely home again.

When I first learned of the Golden Chord exercise, I could not see how contemplation could be more powerful than physical action. Speaking telepathically to animals was weird enough, why add something harder to believe into the mix? I could not have been more wrong.

Shirley and Mark accomplished two distinct but interfacing phenomena—or powerful woo-woo, as I once would have called it.

First, by visualizing the chord between their hearts, they strengthened the very fabric of the universe that held them together. As their bond strengthened, the Divine Matrix simply let events fall into place. Shirley knew to go back to the sale barn at the right time to catch the young man with a red truck who remembered Scooter… absolutely amazing!

Second, Mark’s reveling in the scent of his horse, imagining his arms around solid warmth, feeling what it would be like to be reunited with his loved one—this and giving thanks, put them in perfect alignment to draw the same vibrational frequency back to them.

Thank you, Scooter. The once hard-to-believe philosophies, like that of Aristotle, now feel profoundly and inexplicably right. Because of my experience with you and your family, contemplation and positive prayer is my first line of action. As a result, more of our lost furry family members are finding their way home.

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I would love to hear your success stories with your animal loved ones it might just help someone else.

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Naomi McDonald

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