During a recent interview with the Dalai Lama, Dan Harris of ABC News asked the Tibetan Buddhist how he was coping during the COVID-19 lock-down. The spiritual teacher talked about his sadness at all the death. He talked about changing that sadness into determination. Determination to stay positive and offer hope.

When asked what he did for entertainment, his answer surprised me… well, not really. I knew the Dalai Lama had a deep connection to the animal kingdom. The Buddhist spiritual teacher watches videos of animals, all kinds of animals, especially lions and tigers. They give him peace and happiness. He can always see and feel the beauty and the good in animals.

The Grand Lama discussed how much he loved the animals and watching them could lift his heavy heart. He suggested when you have negative emotions about someone or something—find something good about them. Every time you change your mind to the positive you have a better outcome. When you think of others with compassion, when you see the good in them, it reduces anxiety, and you find the ability to love yourself.

At eighty-five-years-old, the venerable Dalai Lama is still showing the world how to create joy and peace. His love of animals is another example of the wisdom and purpose they bring to us.

The following excerpt is from my soon to be released book, They Sing To Our Souls: The Animals Speak. This compelling second edition is a compendium of captivating stories that my animal clients have shared with me over the last twenty years as an animal communicator.

Join the Dalai Lama, and a Boxer named Ringo as they show us a way to turn dissension, retaliation, and anger into peace through celebration and—doggie birthday parties.

The more you praise and celebrate your life,
the more there is in life to celebrate.
-Oprah Winfrey


 Sharing Joy Through Celebration

Priests, saints, gurus, mystics, shamans, philosophers, enlightened talk show hosts and a Boxer named Ringo, all have something in common: wisdom for a happier, more complete life.

Ringo lived hundreds of miles away with his mom, Kimberly, and four other dogs of various breeds. Regardless of the distance, I felt embraced by Ringo’s loving, wise spirit as I spoke to him.

Ringo: My name should have been Starlight. I’m a special being of light; we dogs have much love to offer. I’m very good at snuggles and can lift your spirit to the stars. My vision is not so good though, my world is dimming.

Naomi: Is there anything you wish to change in your  home?

Ringo: Sleeping arrangements.

Ringo’s mom Kimberly, confirmed that, yes, Ringo was a great snuggler and could brighten anyone’s day.

However, when I mentioned his vision, she thought I must have mixed Ringo up with one of the other dogs she had been treating for an eye infection.

Although each of her dogs was special, a tickle of joy always buzzed through my body when I talked with Ringo.

A few months after my first conversation with all her dogs, I received this email from Kimberly.

I wanted to chat with you again about Ringo. I’ve attached three pictures that I took this morning after he had eye surgery. He mentioned to you back in January that his vision was fading. In March, I learned of a tumor and refractory ulcers that were present in his right eye, as well as secondary glaucoma developing. Never in a million years did I think that it would all lead to the removal of his eye. I will forever be amazed about how you connected with him and that he told you about his eye issue.

Could you speak with Ringo in the near future and let me know how he’s feeling about the ordeal and if there is anything else going on that I need to know? I would be very grateful, as I have been worried about him.

Ringo’s post-surgery comments:

Ringo: I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I’m doing okay. My stomach is upset sometimes. My balance is off. This is going to be so much better, my eye hurt a lot.

Naomi: Is there anything your mom can do for you?

Ringo: Of course, have my birthday party. I missed my birthday party! But would you let my mom know I’m really okay? She knows it but doubts herself.

When I shared this with Kimberly, she said, “Yes! Goodness, Ringo did miss his birthday party. I even had a cake made for him. He was at the vet’s office during the time his party was to take place. I was so upset with what we found out that I didn’t reschedule.”

The following week, ten dogs and six adults gathered for a belated doggie birthday party. Dogs ran, jumped, played and ate liver flavored birthday cake. Their humans laughed and ran and hugged their animals, grateful for the time they had with Ringo. And, no, the humans didn’t eat the liver birthday cake.

Soon after, I watched 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama, produced by Rick Ray. As I sat in my living room listing to the Dalai Lama’s light tone, his easy-going manner, his warm sincerity, a realization caused my skin to warm. I swiveled toward my husband and said, “The Dalai Lama feels like Ringo, or Ringo feels like the Dalai Lama!”

Rick Ray asked the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teacher, “With all the division around the world how do we attain world peace?”

The Buddhist’s reply had me laughing and dancing.

“Have more festivals and picnics,” the spiritual teacher said. “So many of our world leaders are reacting and perpetuating negative emotions such as fear, retaliation and the need for more power. What better way to break this pattern than to have more celebrations of joy and love?”

Ringo new this! What better way for him to ease the sadness of his health issues than to celebrate his life? To be with human and animal friends in joy, wagging tails, beautiful eyes, soft fur and liver birthday cake. Ringo is a lovely example of the deep wisdom our animals bring to us.

Oprah’s words, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate,” rings so true.

Thank you, Ringo. You have touched so many with your light, love and celebration.

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