Dear Naomi,

I am writing this to you in letter form because I don’t think I can say it out loud with out breaking down and crying.

The day I had to take my wonderful little man Clancy (a Sheltie dog) to the vet to be put down I was so distraught and emotional that my legs would not carry me back to the treatment room. I said my goodbyes in the waiting room and let the veterinarian take him back. I can not tell you how much guilt I have felt over this. I feel like I abandoned him when he needed me most. Can you please tell him how very sorry I am and how much I love him?

Thank you so much,

Dear Jodi,

I was able to connect with your Clancy and this is the response I received from his sweet, sweet soul.

“By the time the vet took me back, most of my spirit had disengaged from my physical body and all but a tiny thread was still attached. I tried to give you all the comfort I could while I sat in the waiting room beside you. I didn’t need your physical body with me as all I could feel as my heart stopped beating was your enormous love for me. Love is the power over everything.

We, in dog form do not share the range of emotions as humans and we hold no judgment. Mom, please don’t feel guilt over what happened. I am in the perfect place with Tex watching over you, and smiling as I remember you rubbing my belly; it’s time for you to be happy again.”

As I discuss in my book, They Sing To Our Hearts everyone in our life, including our pets, is a constant mirroring of our own core beliefs about ourselves and our feelings. When this reflection takes place it is like a trigger that activates an emotion or judgment inside of us whether we are conscious of it or not. Often, the trigger is something that has been buried very deep in our own subconscious.

When I work with my clients it is easy for me to see the mirroring of a person and their pet because I’m a neutral party looking from the outside. This is one reason why I love what I do, as every day I learn something more about our relationship with the animal kingdom. Often our pets come to us so we can discover buried emotions and address them. They allow us to fulfill emotional or archetypical needs. For example, a person who needs to nurture will draw an animal with more physical or behavioral issues. An empty nester might draw to them pets that require more attention or stay puppyish longer.

Sometimes our companion animals will make us start to think outside our comfort zone by developing a behavior or illness that conventional modalities are unable to address. Many pet owners will not seek alternative care for themselves, but will be tenacious about finding help for their pets. Others with competition animals can gain confidence, learn patience, become more physically fit and disciplined. There are so many ways that animals come to our aid spiritually, emotionally and physically. What a blessing they are to us and our planet.

Jodi, as a shaman two words stand out for me, guilt and abandoned. I encourage you to look at your experience from a bigger picture, in terms of the Laika medicine men and women in Peru. Look through the eyes of Eagle / Condor, from the highest Apus (mountain); soaring where only they can, high above with the keenest sight. As humans we have the ability to shift and raise our vibrations into more luminous beings, which some refer to it as homo luminous. In order for this to happen many of us are experiencing emotional challenges that seem to shake us to our very core. Through these experiences though we have the opportunity to work on the key issues that no longer serve us as we ascend and grow into what we are becoming as a human species, a planet, galaxy, and universe. Our pets often come into a spiritual agreement to help us on our journey as they are able to open a place in our hearts that no one else can touch. I encourage you to honor yourself by taking this experience and addressing the issues or triggers that have surfaced thereby growing and healing from it. Then when your sorrow and pain start to overwhelm you feel the updraft of flying with Great Eagle, taking you out of the hurt, soaring to the place of knowing that you are still connected to your Clancy, and feeling grateful for the experience of loving him. While there also use Eagle’s vision to see the potential of your future as you are transitioning into a more luminous being. The more you can move to the state of gratitude and love the feelings of guilt and abandonment will shed away.So fly high my sweet one.

Love, Naomi

Naomi McDonald is a professional animal communicator, certified shamanic practitioner, and educator. She is the author of the newly released book, They Sing to Our Hearts: A Communicator Shares Her Stories of Animal Wisdom. Naomi has studied extensively throughout North and South America with renowned teachers in the fields of metaphysics, quantum physics, shamanism and animal communication. She works with clients locally and long distance, teaches an innovative animal communication program that incorporates shamanic healing techniques and personal self development, gives speaking engagements, and volunteers her talents at animal rescue organizations across the United States.To learn more about animal communication and shamanic practices go to

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