Shamanic Offerings

After I started the physically demanding job of training horses there was always a little voice in my head that said there is a better way of healing aches, pains and emotions.  Not knowing what any of these modalities might be I tried the conventional approach to the chronic pain in my shoulder blade.  Off and on for more than twenty years I was reinjuring the same spot.  After several chiropractic adjustments, pharmaceuticals and many other attempts to relieve the pain I just learned to live with it.  All of that changed one evening when a massage therapist who was also a shamanic practitioner discovered the knot in my shoulder blade and ask me about it.  Her comment was “this is not physical” let’s find out where the wound originated.  At this point, game for anything I agreed.  We did some basic shamanic journey work and I found that painful spot was a big wad of guilt from an experience with my grandmother.   During the journey I felt her love for me, she told me I needed to forgive and understand myself.  From the moment I returned from the journey feeling so much of my grandmother’s love and forgiving myself, my shoulder pain vanished never to return.

This experience launched me on another journey, one filled with many years of study, workshops and intensive classes.  The offerings that I include in my practice are the result of these years of discovering how they worked in my own life.

Energy Healing Offerings

Quantum Physics  – How it works in shaping our lives.  Learn to use the science behind it to understand how we co-create our lives instead of being a victim.

Illumination Balancing the chakras and removing heavy energies to help realign them.

Soul Retrieval – Discover the original wound from either this lifetime or a past life that de-railed your destiny.  Bring back lost soul parts due to trauma.  Re-write old soul contracts paving the way to a more fulfilling life.

Thought Form and Curse Unraveling – Break free of the grip of fear, shed old baggage.  Unravel old generational curses that block the forward motion in our lives so we no longer sabotage ourselves.

Extraction Process – Remove noxious energies that penetrate the Auric Field to elim-inate toxic people and situations.  This is also very helpful in removing chronic physical pain.

Compassionate De-possession – Communicate with departed spirits that are attached to a physical being helping them to move on to the light; guiding the client as a channel for the suffering being. This is also very helpful in removing chronic physical pain.

Space and Land Clearing – Remove toxic imprints and lost souls from property and dwellings.

Dream Work – Break down reoccurring dreams to find meaning and guidance.

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