Shamanic Healing Appointments

Helping people with shamanic healing is a very important part of my work. Personal sessions either in my home office in Owasso, OK or long distance are a great way to address a person’s individual needs. Since energy healing is done on a non local level I do not have to be physically with the client to read their energetic field.

Many people find that after they schedule an appointment new challenges will arise; this is very normal. Your subconscious wants to address these things, so do not be worried about these feelings or issues. Bring them all with you.

Since every person has their own specific needs, I use shamanic tracking and seeing during our first session to make a personal healing agenda.

One appointment will make shifts and begin the healing process. Sometimes one session is all that is necessary, but for most people to completely address an issue it takes at least three appointments. After your session, I advise that you rest, drink plenty of water and take care of yourself for the remainder of the day. Many clients have mentioned that they feel drained or tired afterwards, so you should plan your day accordingly.

To make an appointment call 918-625-7901 or e-mail me at

Then please download and complete the Client Intake Form and either scan and email or mail a signed copy back to me. Click here for the Intake Form. If the pop up window is blocked on your computer please email me at and I will send a copy of the form to you.

If you schedule a long distance appointment a photograph is helpful but not necessary. Sessions run 1 – 2 hours at a cost of $85.00 per hour.

All appointments need to be paid for at the time of the session by credit card, check, or cash and I have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

Please Note: I do not diagnosis any medical conditions or personality disorders and always recommend that you first see your primary doctor for these types of conditions. Energy work does not replace traditional treatments but it can enhance and compliment their effectiveness.

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