Introduction to Animal Communication Course



Learn to Ignite Your Intuition

3 Two-Hour Zoom Workshops with Naomi McDonald

Wednesdays, May 3rd, 10th & 17th, 2023

Time 6 PM CDT



Join us for the opening of consciousness that will explain why and how telepathic communication works. You will engage in time proven mental exercises that will set the stage for the connection with the animal kingdom. You will actually be able to sense what animals wish to communicate, by developing your own natural ability.

They Sing To Our Souls Paperback by Naomi McDonaldThe registration fee includeds a copy of my book They Sing To Our Souls that will be mailed to you after registration. You will also receive printed information that you can print to follow during the classes.

Please have 3 to 4 pictures of animals to share for communication work in class. On the first day we visit with live animals if you have one that is not camera shy!

Participants will learn:

  • To reawaken your ability to communicate with another species and learn to understand your unique ability to receive information.
  • How metaphysics and quantum physics work.
  • How to connect to your own personal spirit guide.
  • How to experience an animal’s perspective and how you have already communicated telepathically with animals.
  • Understand the purpose of lifetime traumas, how to honor them and divine the gifts they bring.
  • How to approach all communication with an open heart and mind.
  • The animal kingdom and I hope that you will share your time and spirit with us.


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