Away to Me, My Love: A Sheepdog’s Tale of Two Lives (Audio Book)


Written by Naomi McDonald


“Away to me, My love is a wonderful real-life story about Naomi and her sheepdog Luke. It made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. This book is not merely a pleasure to read but also has to offer great lessons of life that can help you to master your own.
—Official Review, (4 out of 5 stars)

Away to Me, My Love: A Sheepdog’s Tale of Two Lives (Audio Sample)

by Naomi McDonald

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Naomi on the Mic

In the audio version of Away To Me, My Love, Karen Commins and Tom Berenson beautifully brought to life, the heart of my characters, of my journey with Luke, of my intention with the book.

Karen ComminsFor Karen Commins, the hours of manuscript preparation, the sheepherding videos she and her director watched, the attention to every detail in timing, and pronunciation paid off in a brilliant performance.

Having my friend and actor Tom Berenson read the last eleven minutes of the book touched both our hearts deeply. Well, all three, I know Luke loved it too. (Tom and Sandy Berenson were the proud caretakers of one of Luke’s puppies for many years.) Toms’ reading of my dog’s voice in the Luke Speaks portion, could only be described as poetic and heartwarming.

In the short video above, Tom shares his profound shift in the understanding of the transition process. His awakening into fully embodying Luke’s voice and feelings.

I learned from Karen how the written word converts into the spoken word. As a result, I approached the writing of They Sing To Our Souls very differently. As I read each lesson out loud during the final editing, I heard so clearly, “Only your voice can convey our meaning, our soul, our purpose with our humans.” So, I listened to the animals and did… what I thought I could not, I recorded the book myself.

As I walked into the sound booth at Blue House Media, Joel Wade stood up straighter, puffed out his chest, and said, “This mic is a NeumannU47.” I felt as if I should be greatly impressed with the sensitivity and quality of equipment.

I was, however greatly intimidated. Through the headphones, every breath I took sounded like a windstorm. When my stomach gurgled, I knew it could be heard down the block. Joel’s patience with my stumbles kept me going and my voice became the voice of the precious animals in They Sing To Our Souls. Finding my voice is yet just another purpose I found in sharing the animal’s lessons. Thank you, all of you!

In Naomi Brenda McDonald’s new book, Away to Me, My Love she impulsively buys a “shy” Border collie pup named Luke, and believes it’s fate. However, puppy Luke shows no signs of herding instinct, and a trainer tells her to put him down. At every juncture, Naomi must decide whether or not to abandon her dream of entering herding competitions with her beloved dog. Despite her earnest desire to enter this new, exciting world with respect and belonging, she inadvertently makes an enemy who can change everything for her and for her beloved Luke. When Naomi has a vision of a past life, she realizes her journey with Luke involves more than meets the eye, more than she ever imagined. With the help of a medicine woman, Naomi learns that Luke is her teacher, not only for herding competitions but also for a spiritual journey that would take her into the world of shamanic healing, animal communication, and spiritual beings most people cannot see.

Book Description in Luke's Words

“This is a story of me, a handsome sheepdog named Luke. Naomi bought me because a hummingbird came along at just the right time to allow her heart to make a seemingly insensible decision. This is a story of loving someone--me again—so much that Naomi is driven to triumph over the internal shadows that sabotaged a lifelong dream.

It wasn’t easy, Mom’s a tough cookie, but I had plenty of help: my dad, Mac, coyotes, a rotten guy, a shaman, and alter ego versions of ourselves from a previous lifetime: A cool teenager from the seventeenth century, Jamie, and his sheepdog, Addie.
During our predestined journey together, mom learned profound bits of wisdom that it took losing me for her to seek. But, it’s a human thing, and why I chose her for this lifetime.

At my request, she opened her soul like a book and here it all is: her tears… many tears, lots of laughter, but most importantly a love that touched her heart in a way that no one else could—me a sheepdog named Luke—Bringer of Light.”



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