Naomi Talks About Animal Communication And Her Book Away to Me My Love

Dog Talk with Pat Becker

Tulsa OK TV Station

The Oklahoman Newspaper

Kristen Wright – She converses with canaries, other creatures

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Interview with Animal
Communicator Naomi McDonald

by Heal Yourself Talk Radio

They Sing To Our Hearts:with Author Naomi McDonald

How can we really communicate with another species? What happens to an animal’s spirit when it dies? Are there alternative solutions for physical and behavioral issues that mysterious manifest?

These are just some of the poignant questions that lie deep within many of us. The beauty of They Sing To Our Hearts is that Naomi McDonald simply and eloquently uncovers the answers to these and other questions that arise in our daily lives through the wisdom of the animal kingdom. In captivating detail Naomi describes many touching experiences she’s had the privilege to share with an eclectic group of animals, including a duck who loves French fries, and a dog who reached out from the spirit world. As Naomi helped people improve their relationships with their pets, the animals taught her much more.

Such as:
• How we communicate with our thoughts and feelings
• Alternative treatments for physical and behavioral issues
• Believing in magic and one’s intuition
• The importance of gratitude and celebrating life
• How animals can be with us in many lifetimes
• That our spirits are eternal and forever connected
• How to help animals transition with beauty and grace

Tulsa World Newspaper Interview

Chris Jones – Clients amazed as woman communicates with pets

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