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Clearing Toxic Filters

The large part of a shamanic practitioner’s work is what we call inter-dimensional journeying. This is when we travel back into a client’s past life, their ancestral lineage or even the country of origin to release old toxic imprints from traumas that they carried...

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Tween: That Place Between The Worlds

There is a place where you are not awake or asleep, a place that is not night or day, light or dark, some call it tween. The clinical term is hypnagogia or thresholdconsciousness (commonly called "half-asleep" or "half-awake",or "Mind Awake Body Asleep"), which...

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What Greater Gift

I recently taught the fourth class in my animal communication program. Although I enjoy teaching all of the classes this one is very special to me as we study wild animals, and the plant and nature spirit kingdoms. Communicating with a wild animal is different and...

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Soaring Through the Eyes of Eagle

Dear Naomi, I am writing this to you in letter form because I don’t think I can say it out loud with out breaking down and crying. The day I had to take my wonderful little man Clancy (a Sheltie dog) to the vet to be put down I was so distraught and emotional that my...

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Breaking the Cycle

This piece is a continuation of the story in last month’s magazine about Bill. Bill is now living with his forever family in southern California, for Bill and his family it is definitely a happy ending. In an effort to get Bill from Oklahoma to California I contacted...

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Bill’s Ability to Follow His Heart

Dear Naomi, I just finished reading your book They Sing To Our Hearts and I have a question. You mention several times that animals are able to draw the right family to them. The human and the animal are meant to be together, and there is a higher power that finds a...

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Message From Naomi

When I reflect on my experiences, I realize that my life has come full circle. I am truly on my soul’s journey to help humans and animals make a spiritual connection, and feel balanced and whole through my work as an animal communicator and Shamanic healer. My love and connection to the animal kingdom, which started when I was three years old, led me to horse training and showing, then competing with herding dogs. All of my life animals have been an important part of who I am and taught me many of my life’s lessons.


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