To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

This song, written by Pete Seeger and recorded by The Byrds became an international hit in late 1965.

Some of the lyrics taken from the (Book of Ecclesiastes) and written by King Solomon hold the distinction of being the oldest lyrics to become a #1 hit. In actuality the message of flowing with the cycles of the earth and creation date back even older.

Not only is the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” beautiful, the words hold a meaning that speak an ancient truth of the soul. This truth aligns with our earliest ancestors in honoring the turning of all seasons; cycles of death and rebirth, of building up and breaking down not only with Earth but in our personal lives.

A truth that it is easy to forget in winter when the clouds lay low and dark for days and the trees appear as skeletons; this can awaken feelings of death and isolation, causing it to be a time of sadness.

If the song had been written by a Celtic Bard (whose origins date back to 600 BC) one very critical word would have been changed — “under” would be “as in.”

And a time for every purpose as in Heaven

Changing the word “under” to “as in” gives us the understanding that we can create Heaven here on earth by casting away the stones of our unconscious that cause us to resist not only the changing of Earth seasons but the building up and breaking down in our own lives.

We can react to the gift of winter in two ways, the first being a time of introspection creating in our imaginations the world we wish to manifest, cleaning out old physical stuff cluttering our homes making room for the new, or spending more time inside with loved ones. The second way to react is not being able to shake the feelings of despair or loneliness.

If you fall in the first category, great, keep on going; if you fall in the second or a combination of both that’s good too. Those disturbing feelings are your unconscious or higher self, saying “Hey you, the human part of me – we have work to do. It’s time to uncover why these seasonal triggers bring up emotions that keep you from being your best.” (Much in the same way our higher self will get our attention with disturbing or uncomfortable dreams.)

Those uncomfortable feelings can be toxic imprints left from old trauma. When these toxic imprints are present our higher self will keep drawing circumstances to us that bring up the same old stuff, physical and/or emotional.

Identifying and addressing these imprints is the job of a shaman or light body worker. Many people are unaware that this very effective type of help is available.

A shaman can see beyond the obvious and look into the luminous aspect of the whole being that you are, mind, body and spirit; knowing where healing and balancing work is needed.

Many years ago a shamanic practitioner helped me to identify and remove an imprint that was lodged under my left shoulder blade. The pain had been there for more than fifteen years and ranged from intense to mild, but always reoccurring. I seemed to be forever doing something to injure the same spot. Once, what I call now, “A big wad of grandmother guilt” was removed the pain was instantly gone and never returned. This experience resulted in my journey into shamanic training; so that I can in turn help others.

Is it time to look into the winters of your life and turn, turn, turn them into passing seasons in which you flow and embrace every purpose as in Heaven?

Love to All,

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