Our imagination is the force behind the Quantum Law or the Divine Law that subconsciously creates our world. Recognizing this allows us to have influence over our health, prosperity, relationships… everything really. It is through our imagination that we can share information with the animal kingdom and all of nature. Most of us are not taught this in school or by our parents, but these laws are absolute and inescapable. Think of it like gravity, we may not acknowledge it, believe in it, or agree with it, but… if we trip, we still fall downward—every time!

We can learn to be consciously aware of what our runaway imagination is feeding into our lives. In fact, our imagination is first and foremost yours and yours alone and is always present. It is the driving force of emotion. Our imagination allows us to be in alignment with God, our Source, or Omnipresent Divinity. All things are possible in a place of love, kindness and compassion. After all, isn’t that what Jesus taught.

If you’re saying, “I’d like to take a more conscious part in creating my world, how can I start?” Here are six time-tested techniques:

1. Only place into your imagination on what you want to manifest. Albert Einstein said, “Solutions are never found in worry. Worry is a waste of imagination.” But our minds can go astray, and we imagine a loved one coming to harm, losing someone or something dear, or a decline in our health. “Goodness, are we doomed?” No, we are human and positive thoughts are a thousand times more powerful than negative ones. As soon as you catch yourself, shift the thought, by saying, “I use the positive power of ‘NO’ to create the best and highest outcome.” Then see what you wishing for clearly in your mind.

2. Thoughts are the language of the brain. Feelings are the language of the heart. Our brain must first visualize what it is we wish to manifest. Then follow, by allowing the powerful forces of your heart to create the feeling as if you already have what you desire. When our head and heart operate in concert the symphony is magical. Quantum physics has now proven what many mystics, healers, and philosophers have known for centuries. We create our Earthly experience through our imagination—happy, sad, or in-between, it all has a purpose.

3. Articles in our home can be useful to trigger your imagination. Use a photograph of a loved one as an aid to see them safely home. Recreate a hug, joy, or simply acknowledge the place they hold in your heart. Smile at their beautiful face. Use something like statue of Merlyn or a fairy to remind you of your connection to the magic of the natural world.

4. If you wish to travel, use art or photos to help you manifest the trip. A picturesque landscape can allow your imagination to see yourself in faraway places. Then feel the warmth of sand between your toes, how exciting the hustle and bustle of a new city can be, or the peace of a mountain hike.

5. Acknowledge your highest excitement when it occurs, celebrations, special human or pet hugs, the beauty of a magnificent sunset. Store the feeling in your heart. Laugh or giggle when you recognize the synchronistic event that brings the feeling back to you. When life throws curveballs your way and the dementors of sadness have you feeling you’ll never be happy again, you will have a store of happy thoughts you can bring forth in your imagination.

6. Your subconscious is most powerful when sleeping. Often, we lay our heads on the pillow full of the mishaps or unhappiness of the day. This only invites more of the same into our lives. I invite you to take five minutes and let your imagination run wild with the sights and feelings of what we DO want to manifest. And above all… be GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, AND SHOW APPRECIATION for what you already have and what you are bringing into your lives as if we already have it.

Lesson Five in my book They Sing To Our Souls, shows how a lovely Boxer named Esa helped me to believe in my imagination. During a long-distance session, I heard or imagined Esa tell me she saved $42.00 dollars for a new foam bed. After I shared Esa’s comment with Mary Ann, her human, I held my breath in trepidation and fear of sounding silly. “Well,” Mary Anne replied. “Olly, my new puppy, has torn up Esa’s foam bed, maybe it is time for a new one.” Esa’s mom found her one on the internet that night for the sale price of $42.95. Thank you, Esa and Mary Ann for showing me how powerful our imagination can be.

I hope these tips help you manifest your dreams. I hope they help build confidence in your subtle imaginings, knowing’s, or feelings. If you find this helpful, please feel free to forward it to friends.

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