Every person has a unique purpose in life or story to tell. Often, our purpose is far beyond what our logical minds can envision. Such was the case with my writing career.

Jennifer Mathews, my equine veterinarian of fifteen years, came to Dream Maker Ranch one afternoon and said, “I’ve sold my practice. It has always been my dream to be a writer. It’s time for me to go forward into that career.”

“I’m really going to miss you taking care of my horses,” I replied. “But I understand. I think it’s great you are following your heart. Writing—wow, that’s cool, it’s something I could never do, nor would I want to.”

Neil Gaiman said, “Writing is like getting in a car in the fog with one headlight. You know where it is you want to go and all you can do is focus on going forward out of the murk.”

Gaiman’s words hold true for anything we wish to accomplish. We simply let the maybe someday thoughts go, get behind the wheel of our lives and let our hearts guide us through. We may not know what it is exactly our work might be. We can, however, know what it feels like in our hearts. We know what gives us feelings of joy and accomplishment. The feelings of our soul song can guide is through the mental fog and align us with our purpose.

The journey with my sheepdog, Luke, was like my soul song as it continually paraded through my mind until I gave in and decided to write. However, when I sat down at the computer my mind and the page came up a miserable blank. My heart though, kept holding on to the feelings that Luke’s and my story might be entertaining, take readers to another world, or impart important life lessons. In desperation, I hired my veterinarian, turned writer, as a coach. “Get any words on paper as a starting point. We can make it flow as we go.” And… as foggy as it seemed at times, we made it flow.

Ten years after I wished my vet well in her new endeavor, I released the eBook, paperback, and audio versions of, Away To Me, My Love: A Sheepdog’s Tale Of Two Lives. This true spiritual tale of the heart chronicles the fun, the ups and downs, and profound love and lessons learned between Luke and me.

Does your soul beat to a different drum? Do you have an unfulfilled dream? It might be time to connect with the eternal Divine guidance that is the spiritual composer of your soul song. The Divine aspect of ourselves that knows we are limitless and deserving of all that life has to offer. To help you reawaken to the true luminous being that you are, I invite you to listen to my The Spark of the Creator Meditation. You can also download the True Self Meditation PDF HERE to strengthen and enrich this meditation experience .

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