The large part of a shamanic practitioner’s work is what we call inter-dimensional journeying. This is when we travel back into a client’s past life, their ancestral lineage or even the country of origin to release old toxic imprints from traumas that they carried forward into their present life. The goal is to release the negative energies surrounding these imprints to help the client shift an issue or the way they relate to the world. As an animal communicator I adapted these techniques to work with animals and learned that they too can carry forward toxic imprints, although not as often as humans and to a much lesser degree. There are some who say that animals do not reincarnate but I disagree as my work has verified that not only do they have many lifetimes; they can also change species.

An example of how an inter-dimensional journey can improve the quality of life for an animal and its family is Nala, a gorgeous, blond tri-colored collie. At the age of three Nala was adopted by Jamee and Vance from a rescue organization. She seemed to be the perfect dog – house trained, smart, loving, and very well mannered. Jamee and Vance couldn’t believe their good fortune. That is until their first thunder storm with Nala when she started to shake, pant and drool and then became so uncontrollable Vance had to hold on to her so she wouldn’t harm herself. This happened every time it stormed and Nala only seemed to take comfort with Vance’s arms and legs wrapped completely around her holding her tight. After trying every conventional method to help their troubled girl, Jamee and Vance called me.

At the time of the call I had a student from Europestudying animal communication with me who was also trained as a shaman. This was the perfect exercise for Avis to test her new communication skillsso we both worked on Nala separately. First we set our intention, called on our spirit guides and healers and began our journey to the underworld, the place where all our memories lay. That place where time is not liner but circular and a spirit can visit the past and even change the imprint left from an old trauma. Even though we saw different past lives and traumas on our journeys after we cleared the negative imprints in Nala’s energy field we both received an image of her playing in the rain and looking peacefully up at the sky.

Afterwards all we could do is wait to see what would happen the next time Nala heard thunder. Three weeks later I receive an e-mail from Jamee saying that during the previous night’s storm Nala jumped up on the bed, laid between her and Vance and all she did was shake a bit. There wasn’t the extreme reaction and Vance did not have to wrap his body around her. This was a huge improvement and very similar to the way most dogs react to the sound of thunder, yea!

Removing the old imprint raised Nala’s energetic vibration, Vance and Jamee could sense it in their home. Animals are such a wonderful example of this type of work because they don’t counteract their own healing by dwelling on the old negative thoughts; instead they live in the moment.

We are moving into the potential of a new humanity, some call it homo luminous or others shifting from the third to the fifth dimension. Our entire earth is changing; many of us are finding our key issues being triggered so that we can let go of our old karma and what no longer serve us. The more we live in peace and not see the world through these toxic imprints the higher our vibrations become, without the old baggage.

I think it is interesting that in the movie Inception they took their client through four levels of dreamtime to plant a seed in order to change his outlook and reaction to his father. In fact all they did was unlock the knowledge he already had buried deep in his subconscious or in the lower worlds. Afterwards he no longer looked at his father from a filter of hurt and unworthiness. I find it so encouraging that today our mainstream media is taping into the world of metaphysics and willing to delve into the world of the unseen.

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