Candle of Gratitude

After an in-home animal communication session my clients shared with me their wall of honor where they displayed beautifully framed photos of their six dogs. I was deeply touched as they name of each the dogs who had chosen to share their lives with them. I thought how wonderful it was that they had these photos and wouldn’t be lovely for others to see them.

This led me to creating the Candle of Gratitude page so I could invite my clients and friends to share their appreciation for the special companion animals in their lives. If you’d like to include your beloved pet on this page, please email me a photo and short tribute at What a joy it is to offer a place where we can all see the beautiful faces of those who enriched our lives.

Rhonda’s Tribute to Sidney

My wonderful, handsome horse, Sidney transitioned back to Spirit on August 5th. Since then, my heart has felt so very heavy BUT it is also soooooo very full of gratitude for all the gifts he shared with me during our 20 years together. Sidney was my confidant, companion, and therapist. He was always there to lend a shoulder for me to cry on and to mirror back what I needed to work on in my personal growth. He loved people and was highly intuitive. I know we were together in past lives and we’ve made a pack to be together again in another lifetime. I miss Sidney every day but thanks to the animal communication classes I took with Naomi I can still connect with him in Spirit. When I do, I sense his presence and energy and it is actually easier now to communicate with him and hear his voice inside of me. Thank you, my precious Sidney, for enriching my life and thank you Naomi for being my amazing friend and teacher.

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