Animal Communication

“All of material creation is structured out of information and energy…Before a thought becomes verbal and is experienced as language it is just an intention, an impulse of energy and information. In other words, at the preverbal level, all of nature speaks the same language.” ~Deepak Chopra

All of creation has a spirit and all spirit is part of the same whole.

When I am in communication with another spirit I have aligned myself with that spirit’s frequency. I make this connection by picturing the physical image of the animal or person in my mind. (I like having an actual photograph of the individual, but this is not absolutely necessary.) An important property of this alignment is that it is non-local. We are all connected like the water in the ocean. A single drop is individual, but still part of the entire ocean. Quantum Physics calls this alignment establishing a resonance. An example of a human establishing resonance is when you are thinking of someone and soon they call you. More is happening there than most of us realize. Albert Einstein called this “spooky-action-at-a-distance”, I call it “saying hello” with my thoughts.

Each spirit has its own unique vibration. Just like radio and television waves, spirits have individual frequencies. Television channels don’t get mixed up in the receiver because each one has its own frequency. This is also true for spirits. The vibrations or waves are always present, we just can’t see them. By aligning myself with an animal’s frequency, I can communicate with its spirit.

Telepathic communication can be received in different forms: words, pictures, feelings, or intuition. Because I am communicating on a preverbal level, the language is all the same. The communication is spirit to spirit and the understanding of one another is on a much deeper level. This allows me to interpret for the animal and person on that deeper level.

Click on link to read an excerpt from They Sing to Our Hearts on Naomi’s dog, Luke who taught her the importance of following your heart’s desire and having animals with us through many lifetimes.”

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