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What would I want to know about a practitioner if I were asking them to help my beloved pet or myself? For me their values would be important along with their qualifications and education so hopefully I can address some of these aspects about myself for you here.

Lou and Linda Pestana

When I reflect on my experiences, I realize that my life has come full circle. I am truly on my soul’s journey to help humans and animals make a spiritual connection, and feel balanced and whole through my work as an animal communicator and Shamanic healer. My love and connection to the animal kingdom, which started when I was three years old, led me to horse training and showing, then competing with herding dogs.  All of my life animals have been an important part of who I am and taught me many of my life’s lessons.

While working as a horse trainer I became interested in animal communication and studied with the best teachers I could find from Connecticut to California including Leta Worthing and Penelope Smith. It was through communicating with the animals that I became aware of their need for various supplements, and detoxification so then began studying about homeopathics, herbs, and other nutritional support for them. But I still felt something was missing.

For many years I read about spirituality, quantum physics and metaphysics. One day I picked up a book titled, Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo, PhD and realized what was missing in my life. This led me to take the certified Shamanic training with the Four Winds Society as well as travel to Peru to study with the healers and Earthkeepers of the Laika tradition. Recently I have taken advanced courses in Soul Retrieval, Extraction, De-possession, and land clearing work with various teachers including Betsy Bergstrum. Of course traveling down this path meant that I too had much inner healing and soul work to do myself before I could help others.

Today I live in Owasso, Oklahoma with my wonderful husband Mac, two dogs and a cat.  In my practice I use telepathic communication, Shamanic seeing and tracking, ancient healing arts, and quantum physics to help others find harmony, balance, health and prosperity for themselves and their animal companions.

I sincerely believe that all beings have the divine ability to live in right relationship with each other and everything around them.

Love and blessings to all!

Naomi McDonald

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